Lard Ass | Our Story
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Lard Ass was founded by a dairy farmer’s daughter who grew up in Western Victoria surrounded by the creamy goodness of fresh milk and churned butter. Proud of my Italian heritage where food was grown and sourced locally, and growing up with my 6 brothers and sisters helping my mum, Bertilla and dad, Antonio (Tony) manage the farm, Lard Ass grew out of a yearning for simple, goodness bringing back great taste in butter.

Lard Ass values the simple, age-old approach to creating tasty, creamy butter using European imported cultures. We single batch churn cream ripened to produce a flavour that is rich and creamy. With a high butterfat content, cultured butter is ideal for cooking, baking or simply devouring on fresh sourdough or crackers. It looks and feels like butter with a fresh hearty taste.

We invite you to enjoy Lard Ass cultured butter and reach out if you have any question or suggestions.

My dad Tony in his new dairy outside Timboon c. 1962

Growing up on the farm with my family
(that’s me bottom left).